Wipist API

Integrate your business solution

Wipist API lets you connect your business or technology solution with Wipist. Connecting with Wipist makes a real-time impact on your automated solution.

Wipist API connected to your solution

Use Cases

Autonomous transportation

Self-driving cars, trucks, and robot taxis are very cool and are almost here. Autonomous transportation opens up a lot of opportunities for saving time and money. Wouldn’t be super cool if you could automate the cleaning of your autonomous car or your fleet of autonomous cars or trucks? Wipist API aims to make this happen by handling the scheduling, booking, and logistics letting you save time taking care of cleaning and let you focus on what matters.

Autonomous car

Automated car washer

Imagine solving the automatic washing or cleaning problem by connecting to our real-time Wipist platform. Automated car washing equipment is here and the number of locations they are available grows monthly. They are super effective and super fast. Connecting your automated car washing system with Wipist’s real-time platform could rapidly scale up your solution. Get more clients by connecting your automated washer platform with Wipist.

Automated car wash

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