How Wipist Works

On demand, real time car wash service network is our core service, and the app that connects car owners and washers is what makes it all possible. Here’s how it works, step by step:

step 1

A car owner opens the app

The car owner chooses what type of service they looking for; taps each wash option to see the available car washers, services, and prices; then chooses the preferred time; then confirms their booking intent and taps book.
step 2

The car wash booking is confirmed

The car owner receives a confirmation that the booking is confirmed.
step 3

The car owner drives to the washer

The car owner taps on start navigation; then the third-party navigation app helps the car owner to drive to the washer. The arrival time is communicated to the washer
step 4

The washer washes the car

The car owner follows the instructions of the washer to park their car in the washing area; then the washer starts the booked washing or cleaning procedures; the wash status is kept updated on the app;
step 5

Car wash completed, inspection

The washer confirms that the washing procedure is completed; then car owner inspects the results; then confirms that the results are accepted and taps accepted.
step 6

The car owner and the washer leave rating and reviews

At the end of each wash, car owners can rate the car washer from 1 to 5 stars. Car owners can also give the washer compliments.

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Washer App

With Wipist, you’re in control. The app for washers was designed with features that empower you to decide how and when you need more clients.