About us

We simplify and automate finding a car wash by connecting customers with washer services in real-time

We simplify and automate finding a car wash by connecting customers with washer services in real-time

We are car enthusiasts who love our cars and love them always clean. We think that finding a car wash should be a hassle-free, easy and smooth process. Our mission is to reduce the time spent on finding a car wash that fits your needs at the time you prefer.

How wipist works

A platform that connects in real-time

wipist automated platform

Our solution is a platform that connects car owners with car wash services in real-time on-demand. We use several location-based information such as weather or local traffic to help you reduce time and hassle. Our real-time solution helps you find a car wash that has a free slot for you at the time you prefer whether it’s an urgent or planned car wash. Wipist makes use of your installed navigation software on your device to help you arrive at your car wash at the right time. The integrated payment processing makes your payment completely action-free, ass soon as your booked service is done and confirmed, your payment is automatically processed. Wipist ignites opportunity by its API and opens the way to automate the cleaning of autonomous cars or fleet of cars. Or to integrate with your automated car wash system. The possibilities are endless…

How Does Wipist Work

Company info


Some companies start in a garage, ours start in an attic with great ideas and lots of ambition. Many challenges waiting for us to overcome and we will do our best to succeed. We believe that finding and/or planning and booking a car wash should be as easy as tapping a button. We are confident that we have a solution for the upcoming problem of washing autonomous vehicles as well by connecting car wash services with autonomous car manufacturers or fleet operators. We think that the best way to build this platform is to build it with you. Soon, we will start a Kickstarter campaign to fund our idea and to help bring it to life and accelerate the expansion of our platform.

Stay tuned!